An award-winning full-stack digital marketing studio

Founded in 2019 by former Global CCO Patrick Scissons, Ostrich builds brands & products across advertising, design, technology & media, without the body-stacking silo’d model of agencies past. 

We are a Founding Partner of byTheNetwork, the fastest growing global network in the world; with 34+ agencies delivering award-winning creativity at scale, spanning every marketing discipline and continent, worldwide. 

Our ambition is simple, as so eloquently summarized by the words of our late BTN Founder & chairman, Per Pedersen: “Do epic sh*t. Don’t be a d*ck.”

Embrace The Unusual

Words We Live By

Embrace the unusual.
Not for what it is, but what it isn’t. 
A complete lack of uniformity. 

Long skinny neck. Unusually large eyes. Catapult-like legs. 
A mishmash of different parts, traits, colors and strengths. 

More observant to uncover what others don’t.
More adaptable to survive and thrive where others can’t. 
More agile to respond faster and fearlessly when others won’t.

Avoid the sea of sameness. Seek out the unusual shape. 
Not just as different people, each unto their own. 
As a single, powerful creature bound together as one.

That’s where the good stuff happens.